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Cāmpulung is a small city situated in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. The main business here is the Aro factory. Aro makes a 4-wheel drive vehicle, which amusingly enough, has been talked about as an import into the states. Want to buy one? There's also a cement factory just outside town to the north recently purchased by Holchim, which is a company from Sweden, I think.

The population of Câmpulung is about 40,000 souls or so. Of those, less than 1% are evangelicals. There are several churches, including Pentecostal, Baptist, Brethren, and various congregations related to those, as well as our own.

The most well known things about the city are the church at Flãmândã, which you'll find pictures of in my photo gallery (because I love taking pictures up there). And also the Monastary "Negru Voda." Maybe I'll run down there and take some pictures of that as well.


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