>>   You'll want to read some books like Through Gates of Splendour and others no doubt. I'll put some links up here shortly to CBD, where you could buy them.  

 >>   I could possibly put up links to Amazon as well, although I'm not an Amazon affiliate at this point.


 >>   Moody Bible Institute - Great Bible school. They offer extended studies courses for credit or audit. Also check out the Founder's Week tapes.

 >>   Wayside Chapel - If you're in San Antonio, come by for a visit, or to stay.

 >>   CAM International - An excellent mission which focuses on Spanish speaking peoples (formerly known as Central American Mission).


This is just for fun, really. My friend Tim Batt put all of this stuff together for his timecky site (counting down to his wedding date). I liked it so much, I just had to figure out some way to use it. So...that's pretty much the only reason for it.

That being said, please let me explain a few things here. First: when people hear that I am learning Romanian and will be doing other, more common types of ministry after I have learned the language well enough, they often ask, "when will you be done learning Romanian?" Which I find to be a really funny question. I'm still learning English (aren't you?). So...not to be morbid, but the completion date for Romanian is based on my life expectancy (I chose July 4 for the fireworks).

Second:  My initial commitment will be over in Feb 2006. However, I don't want to give the impression that I'm counting down the days to when I leave Romania. But I needed something with which to contrast the "time to learn Romanian" info, and that's the best I could think of for now. If you have a better idea, let me know.

Also, you'll note that the "Total time in Romania" doesn't take into account the 6 month home assignment during the Spring and Summer of 2005. I'm sure there's a real easy math function to do that...but I'm too tired to mess with it right now.

Progress of time in Romania
Feb 13, 2002 Feb 13, 2006


Progress of time to learn Romanian
Feb 14, 2002 Jul 4, 2052


Today's date & time:
Arrival in Romania:
Started learning Romanian:
Completed learning Romanian:
  Days Months
Total time in Romania to date:
Total length of term in Romania:
Time learning Romanian to date:
Time left learning Romanian:



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